Сверка и актуальность графика - 2024-03-26

Серия 1

Март 22, 2024
College student Hachi is fed up with his life and seeking a change, leading him and his best friend Tanuki to perform a strange ritual they discover online. The next day, the mysterious… read more

Серия 2

Март 22, 2024
After Hachi stumbles upon Izzy’s first murder scene, he and Tanuki hatch a plan to banish her from the mortal plane. Meanwhile, Hachi’s father, Detective Inukai, is assigned the… read more

Серия 3

Март 22, 2024
Izzy is injured in a fight with her old, undead nemesis. Hachi must figure out how to save her. But to do so, he needs to know the truth of Izzy’s mission. Detective Inukai’s investigation… read more

Серия 4

Март 22, 2024
Izzy’s hunt for her next target takes her to Hachi’s university and his circle of friends. Detective Inukai’s investigation leads him to a shadowy group of corporate leaders.… read more

Серия 5

Март 22, 2024
While Hachi and Izzy search for a way to continue her mission without killing, Detective Inukai and Sargeant Suzuki discover the corpse of a missing student. Things come to a head… read more

Серия 6

Март 22, 2024
An enraged Izzy attacks her next target while Hachi desperately tries to stop her from killing again. Detective Inukai finds his son is involved. (Source: Prime Video)

Серия 7

Март 22, 2024
With Izzy missing, Hachi is confronted by his father about his involvement in the killings. Meanwhile, Hachi’s friends are attacked by Izzy’s enemies, who are searching for her.… read more

Серия 8

Март 22, 2024
Izzy’s friends and enemies collide in a final battle, but only Hachi can change the course of their bond. (Source: Prime Video)

Даты выхода серий указывают на дату и время показа в странах производства данной дорамы.
В данном случае это - Япония

Узнать когда выйдет новая серия в России у нас нельзя!

Так-как это зависит от групп которые занимаются заливкой и переводом этих дорам в соцсетях
Но обычно серия становится доступна в течении суток

Также известна как - Моя немертвая девушка-ёкай / Boku no Itoshii Youkai Garufurendo / My Dear Youkai Girlfriend / My Undead Yokai Girlfriend


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